Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Winter Training

With fall and winter right around the corner (hard to believe since it is 98 degrees here today), how do you plan to train during the harsh months?

I am looking at finding a way to get my rides and my runs in while the weather turns to rain and coldness.  Ideas?  I know you snow people have tips for me....please share.

Train hard.  Train smart.


  1. Ever heard the saying "there's no bad weather, just bad clothing choices." It's totally true.

    Basically, the colder it gets, the more clothing you layer on. When it's really cold here (-30c, -22f), I wear three layers on the bottom - long johns, running tights, and running pants. I usually have 4 layers on top, long sleeved undershirt, regular running shirt, wind shirt and jacket. I wear wool socks, a toque, gloves or mitts (mitts when it's colder) and a face mask if it's windy as well. I'm thinking you don't get weather that cold though, so probably less layers.

    As for rain, I'll still dress according to temperature, but just accept the fact I'm going to get wet. I do have to keep moving, and when you get home after a wet run, you need to get out of your wet clothes and shower right away. It can be really nice to run in the rain actually.

    I like to wear a hat with a brim on it when I run in the rain or snow, to keep it off my face.

  2. I am a weirdo compared to other people. I seem to be more disciplined during the winter months. I train hard and long whether indoors or outdoors. I don't know what makes me that way but it is what it is...

    And like Deb said it's all about the clothes!

  3. I am like Christi, way more discipline in the winter, its like we are a caged animal, wanting to be out, but mother nature says no

    DVR is key for winter workouts up north, nothing helps with the trainer or dreadmill then something to help pass the time

  4. I love my bike trainer and use it all year round, but especially during the winter. If you don't have one, either go get one or ask for one from Santa Claus this year. :)

    As for running in the cold, layer up and get out there! You will love it. It's so invigorating, especially after a snow (assuming it's safe to go out, of course). There's nothing like it.