Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Race Report - Disneyland

Last week we had the first race of the season..... Not a triathlon, not a marathon, not a half marathon, but a 200 METER RUN.  Yes you read that correct, 200 meters.

Read the race report over here at Totally the Turtles site, One Proud Momma

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Should 2012 be the come back?

I am thinking of starting the blog back up for 2012.  The questions are.....Does anyone read this?   Is it helpful to anyone (besides myself)?  Can I use it to inspire someone?  Can someone inspire me? The list goes on.....So should 2012 be a comeback of the blog AND my workouts?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Winter Training

With fall and winter right around the corner (hard to believe since it is 98 degrees here today), how do you plan to train during the harsh months?

I am looking at finding a way to get my rides and my runs in while the weather turns to rain and coldness.  Ideas?  I know you snow people have tips for me....please share.

Train hard.  Train smart.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Light Bulb went off!

So, I have an idea.  Please tell me what you think?

Many of us read blogs to inspire us, encourage us, make us think of new training ideas, keep us accountable, and the list goes on.  So, why not create a tradition within the triathlon blogs of just that, a glimpse into our lives via pictures of the trials and tribulations of training.  At the end of the day we are triathletes (well me not yet) but we are also Fathers, Mothers, Friends, Co-Workers, Employers, Training Partners, Sisters, Brothers, so on and so on.

Here is the idea....post a blog post once a week that has pictures, funny pictures, serious pictures, any pictures of your week.  We as a community can then see how others train, what equipment they use, where they train and the conditions.

At this point you might be thinking, how am I going to take pictures all the time?  Well, i have a smart phone, which is frankly smarter than me most of the time that takes pictures.  It's easy, there are apps and there are just standard pictures.  For example, while on a run this morning I took this picture.....

At each weeks blog post we should have somewhere between 2 and 10 pictures or so, depending on how much you are into pictures!  Want to give it a try?  I will be posting my first "tri" at this on Friday with a link at the bottom of my post where you can leave your blog address of your picture post.  Next thing you know, we might have a good ring of participants and give us all some much needed encouragement, education, and inspiration.

Train hard, Train smart.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Race Registration!

First race registration is done on my road to a come back.....but can you call it a come back if I was one and done the first time?

Regardless, I am registered for a crazy race and can't wait.  Here are the details, want to join me?

5K Sand Obstacle Course that inclused the following obstacles,

Big Breaker - 10' Sand Hill
Over the Falls - Barricade Hurdle
Tubular - Tunnel Run
The Shredder - Hay Bale Hurdle
The Duck Dive - Crawl Under Netting
The Quiver - Run through Swim Noodles
The Goofy Foot - Tire Run
The Cowabunga - Suprise on Race Day
Little Breaker - Roller Coaster Sand Dunes
Cash N Carry - 30 yard Surf Board Carry
The Quick Stick - Surf Board Maze
18' Utopic Wave Slide

Can't wait!

Oh....and only in So Cal can you do a beach race in the morning without a concern for weather.  I love this place!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Success and Failure

Well, one of my goals in this whole triathlon thing was to inspire my kids, my family and my friends.  Even though I have failed this year in my triathlon journey, I am starting to realize that I may have succeeded in other things.

First off, I was told by a dear friend that I was one of the reasons she ran a local 5K last weekend.  To boot, she recorded her best time in the event with her whole family there to cheer her on.  Way to go Minnesota Nancy!

Secondly, my kids are now on the racing scene.  They are not up to speed yet on what is about to happen, but today I signed the older two up for their first official race!  The Tinker Bell Marathon weekend at Disneyland is having a kid race on Saturday, which has my then 5 year old running 200 meters and my 3 year old running 100 meters.  They will get a goodie bag, race bib, t-shirt, its inside Disneyland and a medal (cause we all race for the bling).....plus I can hear it now....."Daddy, Mommy I am going to race just like you!"

Thirdly (is that a word?) my wife is committed to run a half marathon next year on Labor Day weekend.  Now I know you might be thinking that we are a year out and that is too far, but currently she is preggo's.  So after the baby she will have 9 months to recover and get back into running shape and endurance.  Plus it will be her longest distance to date, since her longest was a 10K that she registered on the day before.  If anyone can do it, I know she can!  Keep track of her journey in life and running here..... Totally the Turtle.

So, I guess who cares about my failure.

It's time to move on.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Back.....Again

So, back in July I stated I was back.  Ha, that was a good try, I think it might have lasted a day or so.

I really need to get myself back in the gym these days.  If for nothing else, to get myself in a better mood, be more accountable, and just be a better person.  I was thinking last night, maybe I should start out training slowly and put a goal on getting ready to train for a race early next year.  Get a good base in now through the winter.  Thoughts?

Do you have a training program or routine you follow?  Please share.

Do you tweet?  If so, can i follow you to help keep me mental in the game and accountable?  My twitter is "tribenchwarmer"

Any ideas you have to get me into the game is appreciated.  Otherwise I am going to try to just post my daily struggles and wins here.