Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Race Registration!

First race registration is done on my road to a come back.....but can you call it a come back if I was one and done the first time?

Regardless, I am registered for a crazy race and can't wait.  Here are the details, want to join me?

5K Sand Obstacle Course that inclused the following obstacles,

Big Breaker - 10' Sand Hill
Over the Falls - Barricade Hurdle
Tubular - Tunnel Run
The Shredder - Hay Bale Hurdle
The Duck Dive - Crawl Under Netting
The Quiver - Run through Swim Noodles
The Goofy Foot - Tire Run
The Cowabunga - Suprise on Race Day
Little Breaker - Roller Coaster Sand Dunes
Cash N Carry - 30 yard Surf Board Carry
The Quick Stick - Surf Board Maze
18' Utopic Wave Slide

Can't wait!

Oh....and only in So Cal can you do a beach race in the morning without a concern for weather.  I love this place!


  1. So jealous! I want to do one of those adventure/mud/obstacle/boot camp races, but the scheduling never works out.

  2. How fun! :) Great "comeback" race!