Wednesday, February 23, 2011


For years I have wanted to get back into shape. But lets start there......what does back into shape really mean?

Looking back I grew up playing sports, everything from baseball to basketball to hockey to tennis to any game we could make up in the streets or playgrounds that had a clear defined winner and loser. Does playing sports as a kid and into my teenage years count as being in shape? I was never the kid in high school that was gifted athletically or naturally built with muscle. I could hold my own with just about anyone in most sports, but was never the superstar. Frankly, my Junior year in high school I was 16, 6'5" tall and 132 pounds.....yes you read that weight correctly.

So, what does getting back into shape really mean?

To me it means several things. It means being able to run a 5k or 10k on a moments notice. It means swimming with the kids all day long in the pool. It means going for a mountain bike right with my buddies. It means setting a good example for my kids who watch every single thing I do, say, and eat. It means looking good at the pool / beach during the summer. It means have a wife that can say "yep that's my husband over there" when all her friends are with her. What does all of this look like......not sure, but ready to see where it takes me.

This thought process all started because my wife threw me a surprise party last year for my 29th birthday. Yep, it was amazing. Not only was the party perfect, but it made me reflect on all the amazing things I have accomplished before turning 30....which used to be thought of as old.

I graduated from college in 4 years (at one point I did not think i was even going to get into college) I married the most amazing woman on the planet (sorry guys, I took her) we are on our second house, I have three amazing kids, a successful career.....the list just keeps going. After thinking back on all my dreams only two items came to me of things I thought I would have done by now........

  1. Be a starting pitcher for the Yankees. (that dream died long ago)

  2. Complete a triathlon

Why a triathlon you might ask.....because it is a true test of your entire body. You need to be physically fit enough to complete the race, you must have the dedication and discipline to train, you brain must rule your body not your body rule your brain, and it is the one true test of your WILL.

So, I plan to have this blog document my journey of transforming from a bench warmer to a triathlete.

Hope you join me for the ride.


  1. Completing a triathlon is a great goal! Have you set a date? Have you picked a race? Do this right away and your goal will be met sooner rather than later.
    I have "followed" your blog. I notice you visited mine, Thanks for doing that! Happy Training.

  2. You left a comment on my blog asking for "pointers". I can certainly help get you started if you need a resource. I am coaching 7 beginners at the moment (all family members celebrating the end of my wife's breast cancer treatment). Though I've done a couple of Ironman Arizona races I have NOT forgot what it is to be new and trying to figure things out. I'm in the process of getting my coaching license but this is NOT a "sell" job on my part. Just let me know what's up. (I'll leave this comment up temporarily with an email if you choose to contact me: sladetraining at yahoo dot com)

  3. Rad! Can't wait to keep up with your progress and see you achieve your goal! If it's local, maybe we can come and cheer you on. :)

  4. Good luck! You can totally do it. I am sure you have a great support and cheerleader in Kendra. If you ever need a babysitter for afternoon/evening training just give us a call.

  5. Best of luck!! You will do it!! Then you will do something insane like sign up for an Ironman.