Thursday, March 3, 2011

Information Overload

Wow, my head is spinning with information.

I made this commitment to do a triathlon. I thought I picked the perfect race, but now I have found others that look cool too. Then I found a training program that outlined how to get ready for the race, but then I found another one that took a different approach. Then I found articles about weight training or not weight training. Overload.

So here is where I am.....excited, but overloaded with information.

Do I stick with a race date of October or do I try to do one sooner? I know that the running portion is going to be the area I need the most work. Do I practice my running at a 5K or 10K in preparation? Do I complete a Sprint Tri or a Super Sprint or an Olympic?

There are a TON of free training programs out there on the Internet. Some of them seem to be right up my alley, some have me reading them scratching my head thinking "they want me to do what?" Then i have found a few training programs that you go to with a group and have a coach, which seems like great accountability not only with the support but the fact you have to pay for it. The problem with those is that I have a real job and real kids and a real wife, all of which need me to do certain things and place demands (not in a bad way) on my life that does not let me do a typical training. None of these coaches like working at 5:30 or earlier in the morning, when I typically workout. So what do i do?

I have ready that I need to eat more protein on one site, then others say I need to carbo load, while others say eat clean. I generally like to think that eating clean or as clean as possible is a good thing, so I can get on board with that. But the idea of eating carbs first and focus on them only, seems crazy! I can eat protein no problem! I love meat, all kinds of meat. I love protein shakes. I mean seriously, staking up on protein is my kind of diet, but will that just build muscle (not a bad thing) and slow me down for doing tri's?

These issue are just the tip of the ice berg. Right now I am just trying to focus on working hard. Go to the gym in the morning everyday during the week and working with a great guy on building strength. Trying to get in a run every morning during the weekend and then some swimming and running when I can during the week.....oh and don't forget the most important of all, softball on Monday nights with the guys!

So, my question for you......where, when, how, and what do I need to do to get ready for a triathlon? (I have the why figured out)


  1. You should just join Rough-fit. My outdoor fitness company. All your questions can be answered. I am a semi-elite marathoner and my partner is a semi-pro triathlete. We live and breath our sports and can totally help you out. I am friends with Rachel Mckee. She wanted me to write you. You have too many questions for me to being to answer but you have very good ones and important ones that we can easily give you advice for. Check out our website at You can shoot us an email too if you want. We have a running class that you could really benefit from. Let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested.

  2. People make training for triatlons way too complicated. In the beginning, the key is consistency. Consistency in getting out and training every day. Just pick one sport a day and go for 20 minutes to an hour. The bike you'll want to work up to longer sessions (ex. 2hours) to build endurance. But slowly, slowly work up the mileage and intensity of each sport. Otherwise you'll enter into a never ending cycle of overtraining, injury, recovery, overtraining, and so on.

    Oh, and start with the shortest race you feel comfortable with. And I wouldn't wait until October or you'll go crazy (thats 7 months away!). Pick something short in June or July (Super-sprint or sprint) then something a little longer in September/October (Sprint or Olympic) depending on how the first one panned out.

    Good luck!