Saturday, March 12, 2011

Positive Run

This morning I was able to get out and run, it was awesome (well kinda).

So, once most of the kids were up, wifey starting getting ready to face the day while I went out for a run. Today i decided to go over to the local high school, which is only a block away and yes I walked / ran to the high school, no car was used. The odd part about it is that I was having's the high school I went to many years ago. Its also the track I ran around as punishment for the different sports I played. It's funny to think what used to be a punishment is now my "sport"

So, I ran the stairs a few times (maybe 100 steps in the flight) and then off to the track to run some laps. I ran a solid mile and then back to the stairs for some more punishment.

My run was odd. I recently have been having problems with the muscles on the outside of my lower leg that run along my chin bone. While running, at about 1/2 mile the muscle completely sucks! So, I have done a ton of reading on the subject and the only two ideas that keep coming up are to run slower OR run and push through the pain and it will go away. I opt for the run through the pain, but the jury is still out on that.......

The funny part in the morning was when some high school age kids started to run with my around the track as a warm up for their run. Cool right. But then it happened. During their light warm up they were able to lap me twice on the same lap! Oh well, not much I can do about some 16 year old kids that weigh a buck thirty (I remember those days!)

The joys of running. I love the sense of accomplishment, but really at what point do you really start to enjoy this "sport"?


  1. I'm still figuring that out. I love to run, but it's always kind of annoying all that goes with it. It's the accomplishment that I love the most I think. great job. P.S. Your "Wifey" is the bomb. :)

  2. I think some people never fully love running. I am lucky. Most of the time I love it. I think good races really solidify that love. They do for me anyways.

    I think when I started (mostly) consistently loving running was when I could do it regularly without always feeling like I needed to stop and walk.