Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coach OR no Coach?

So, with all the information on the internet, I keep asking myself, coach or no coach for this process?

Here is where I am at in my head!

Reasons for NO COACH,
  • I can read. Yes this is basic, but I can read all about training on the internet.
  • Will to get it done.
  • No desire to be an elite athlete, just want to finish.
  • Have no money to pay for a coach.
  • I have a "friend" if she will let me call her that, that does tri's all the time.
  • I know a guy that rides all time and is willing to help me out.
  • A friend is an ex-state champion swimmer, who is also willing to help out.

Reasons for a COACH,

  • Accountability
  • Knowledge of where I am mentally and physically
  • Not a friend or relative.
  • Can push me in my workouts.

I am giving this a ton of thought. When I started weight lifting the first time, I lasted 2 months and saw limited, strike that, NO results. So, this time I started weight lifting with a friend that knows his stuff and can prove it.....and what do you know, I can see results not only in the mirror but on the amount of weight I move regardless of the lift.

So, anyone have any thoughts?


  1. Really depends on what distance triathlon you want to do. If you're planning to do a full Ironman... YES. You should get a coach. Sprint, Olympic, or even a 70.3 you don't really need one.
    I've done 3, and am training for my first half ironman, with no coach. You can google schedules and get organized. Your wife is awesome and she will be there cheering you on!! One day her and I will do a tri together. :)
    Good luck to you!

  2. For me it was all about money. I didn't have the extra money each month to pay a coach, so I went it alone when I trained for IM Arizona last year. If I could afford it, I would probably have one, if nothing else than to help plan my race season and then tailor a training schedule to go along with it.

  3. I'm with miles99999 (fancy seeing you here!). A coach is not a necessity but nice to have if you can afford it. I've gone 2.5 years through 4 70.3 Ironman events and IM Arizona without a coach.

    Not to go all Freud on you but why do you want to do a triathlon? What is your goal? The amount of preparation is vastly different if you want to finish or if you just want to qualify for Kona.

    I'm following you now and would love to help motivate and encourage you to reach whatever goals you have.