Tuesday, March 15, 2011


With every triathlon there comes a portion of the race that includes a bike ride. This is not news to me, or frankly probably not news to ANYONE.

So when I started this journey I figured I would do a race that was an off-road race because I have history riding a mountain bike and a I HAVE a mountain bike. I also found that several triathlons, mainly sprint distances have a race division for mountain bikes, similar to age groups or clydesdale's (which I will address later).

Then the process of my mind starts working.....what would it take to buy a road bike, what are their costs, where would I ride, etc.

So here is where I need your help. Do you know where I can buy a road bike? I am not even sure that I can afford a road bike, but like all of my mind issues, I must do research to the ends of the world before I can give it a rest. Just ask my wife.

I am looking for a decent bike, not a bottom of the barrel bike that will fall apart at mile marker 100 OR a bike that costs the same as a Kia......yes, I saw a tri bike today on the internet that costs $12K. Used bikes seem to be the best, you can get a decent bike at a much cheaper rate and I don't really care if it is the 2009 or older model!

So, with that said, any advice or websites I can look at to make an informed decision? Advice on tri racing also gladly accepted.


  1. I have some advice for you. Ride the bike you have. =)

  2. Haha Kendra ;)
    Well I have some advice too. I got this advice before I bought my very nice USED Ironman triathlon bike, but did not listen.
    Buying a used road bike is tricky, you need to have the exact right fit. you need to get measured at a bike shop. Act like you may buy a bike, or they will charge you to get fitted.
    Anyways, I bought a Dave Scott Centurion Ironman triathlon bike, off Craigslist. It's a beauty.I got a great deal, $450 (They retail over $1,000). He told me it was a 52 Cm. Well i could not get comfortable on it so I took it to a bike shop and they told me it was actually a 55cm, made specifically for a MAN that is 5'9"-6' or so. I have been trying to sell it, but no luck. Hey, do you want to buy it? :)

  3. Adrienne, I would love too....but like you that bike will not fit me! At my height of 6'5" and all legs, I need a slightly larger bike....too bad! Doubt wifey would let me buy it anyway.

  4. Incycle (with locations in San Dimas, Pasdena, Rancho Cucamonga & Chino) has a yearly sale with last year's bikes on sale - great pricing. Layaway (about 20% down) with 0% financing - we bought both our roads biks that way. Doing a tri on a mountain bike is VERY hard as compared to a road bike

  5. Get my email off my profile and I can point you in the right reasonable direction. I would not go with a TT bike.