Thursday, March 17, 2011


When I go and register for a triathlon, I am an eligible to register in the Clydesdale division. If I don't I would be put into the typical age divisions.

The question becomes.....which division to race in?

Lets take a look at what a Clydesdale is first.......

Clydesdale definition = a Scottish bread of strong, hardy draft horses. OR a heavy powerful breed of horse.

I guess that means I am a heavy powerful triathlon athlete?

To qualify for this division you must be a male over 200 lbs, regardless of height. This seems odd to me for several reasons. A guy that is 5'6" tall that is over 200 lbs is overweight, but what about a guy like me that is 6'5" that overweight? If I weighed the average weight of a triathlon athlete at 165 lbs....I would have a 2% body fat composition and NO muscle, but a guy that is 5'6" would be ripped with muscle!

With all that said.....which division so I register for?


  1. We vote for Clydesdale division. We compete in Athena division and are much happier than competing against our age group with extremely fit women. You might find the same thing - for your second tri you can go after the age group once you have a time to see how you compare. We actually feel competitve in the Athena group.