Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sore Beyond Belief

I am sore. Expected, but still sore. I have been working out every morning for the past five months by way of weight lifting. Its amazing! My body transformation has been noticible. Only problem is, I dont think my body was ready for the shock of adding additional workouts this week.

So this week I not only performed a week long heavy set of weight lifting but I threw in a run (more on that later) and a night of swimming. (If you interested in a crazy hard weight lifting workout let me know, my buddy found a great website that beat us up)

The swimming went well. I was able to complete the amount of meters I set out to swim with a bit of ease and within the time limit I set for myself. Only problem I had was the nagging shoulder injury that wont go away flared up again. This too will pass with more conditioning (I hope). The next few days I could feel the swim in my muscles....lats, shoulders, pecs, etc. It felt great to be sore!

Then there was my run. It was a disaster. We will talk about that another day......if you have running pointers, send them my way!

So this weekend I am sore beyond beleif and I LOVE IT. I am still looking for a good plan to get ready for this race......anyone have a pointer or two?

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