Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back to the Bench

I think I am going to head back to the bench.

Here is the deal striaght up. The swimming has been interesting, but in only a month I have already seen inprovement in both my stroke and my endurance. Its really just a time issue with swimming as I can only do it at night, which is doable just hard.

Then there is the bike situation. I thought I would just do the first couple triathlons and all my training on a mountian bike, heck even some of the races have a mountain bike division OR are a mountain bike course. Then reality set in on how much time and more importantly money it was going to take to get the bike I already have back up and running. So, maybe I go buy a used bike off craigslist....yeah, that costs money too. I can do the bike part of the race, I can do the spin classes, I can do it....but I cant race without an operating bike.....hey maybe I can use a beach cruiser.

Then there is running. I hate it. I can force myself to do it and I can make myself get through it just to finish a race. I just dont like it.....I kind of think of it like lima beans, I hate them, but sometimes you just need to eat them and get it over with.

So the jury is still out, but the bench might be in my near future.


  1. Find someone, or a group, to run with. Talk someone you know into training for their own first 5K or triathlon. Get your wife (if you're married) or someone else who has a bike to do an easy bike ride with you while you run/walk to keep you company. Train on a treadmill and watch TV. Be a little distracted from the effort it takes to run so that you make it over that 'misery hump'.

  2. If money is really a factor... then why not save a lil here and there and then the blow wont be so much? I am sure at your height finding a used bike might not be very easy - but I am sure that if you put some effort into it you might find something?

    You have come this far... it would be sad to give up now because of money.... =(

  3. I have no training partner where I am currently and it SUCKS. *BUT* The blog community is awesome and will keep you motivated.

    I just got my second bike used online. My first one was actually a steal. A Trek road bike, same model as Lance's 2000 Tour de France bike. $150!!

    My second one was a bit pricier at $700, but had better components. Do you have craigslist where you are? If you can, hit up a bike shop and get measured. They sometimes have great spring bike deals to clear out last year's models. If you don't find anything, at least you know your proper bike size and you can check online!