Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So as you can tell i have not posted since my race results.  It was a bad experience.

It has now been more than two weeks and I am still gun shy about working out.  I did one weight lighting workout yesterday but nothing today and now cardio type workouts yet.

So, my questions are here....

1) Does anyone still read this page?

2) Any suggestions on how to get back into training?

3) Where should I go from here?


  1. Sign up for a race, it will force you to train, thats my advice. We all have bad races, you have to learn from it and move forward. This sport is to enriching to let one bad race end it all.

  2. 1) I read still, but what's with the June 7th post not showing up till July 6th?

    2) Just do it.

    3) Pump up the tires on your bike and ride somewhere new. No goal, just ride like a kid. It'll recharge you. The next step will come to you once you clear the mind.

  3. 1. I read it... may be behind, but I read!

    2. If you are burnt out, take a break. Do something that excites you. Or like BDD said, sign up for a fun race and just get to the start line!

    3. Realize that it was just a race and that you'll have good ones and bad ones. Learn from it and move forward - I say race again... but only if you feel it in your heart!