Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Back

Ok, after a long time off from the sport of triathlon, I am officially declaring that I AM BACK.

Today I have started to work on my training plan to get back to the Sprint distance.  After such a bad experience in my "first race" of the year I have decided to get back up on the horse.  Will I do this for the rest of my life?  Not sure, but what I do know is that I need to cross this task off my bucket list and prove to not only myself but my family and friends that I can complete this race.

Things to look forward to....
  • My race prep and training
  • Guest blog posts - 1st one coming from Kurt @ Becoming an Ironman
  • Give aways
  • Weekly updates on who is racing
  • And so much more!

Ok, so who is with me?  Will anyone volunteer to hold me accountable, check in on me, push me and encourage me for the next several months?


  1. Most definitely. You can count on me to help encourage!

  2. I'm not sure that I can hold you accountable, frankly that is for you to do. With that said, I will be here to comment on your training and hopefully give you some encouraging words when the going gets tough. Remember, all us triathletes had to start somewhere and it wasn't always easy for most of us. I.e. I thought I was going to drown my first race and upon finishing swore I would never do another triathlon (five years later I am an Ironman!).

    Stick to your plan, train hard and smart, and everything will work out for you.

  3. Keep posting here and the accountability part is taken care of. We'll be here to encourage.

  4. Welcome back! I'll keep reading and offering advice.

  5. I'll keep on ya! :) Welcome back!!!

  6. I was off line for a while and havent been reading but just caught up with what happened at your race. Wish I had read this sooner. I just completed my15th or so TRI 3 days ago and I would be more then happy to check on you and encourage you! I am just an "average Jane" who loves the racing experience.

    I noticed you have not posted what happened but if you want to chat off-line, email me. It sure sounds like migraine to me and if I am right, I have the same issue so I might be helpful.

    Glad you are "back" :-) never give up!

  7. this is "triathlisa" by the way (lisa's Road to Antoher 1/2 Ironman) For some reason I cannot post under my name.... even on my own blog! So I am "anonymous".. LOL