Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a struggle?

Well as of right now I am there!  It is nothing crazy or bad, but it is a struggle that has me all messed up to say the least.  It has messed with my head in such a way that I find it hard to focus on the simplest of tasks.  It sucks the motivation out of me like nothing else.  However, at the end of the day I think about this struggle and realize I have no control over it.  So why do I let it affect me so much?  Maybe, just maybe, because it could change everything or nothing at all.

This is not the forum to get into the details.  The important part is this....and is why I am blogging about it.

The place I feel at ease is actual two places....

1.  Sitting on the couch next to my sweetie enjoying a conversation or a TV show.

2.  In the gym (or ride/run/swim) giving it everything I have.

What a blessing.  To have the an amazing wife, the ability to workout and be healthy, and most importantly to be in a place where my struggles have nothing to do with real problems like so many of our brothers and sisters of the world.

Where do you find your sanctuary of physical or mental rest?


  1. Funny, I feel the exact same way. I got home from work all stressed out (for no good reason, I have a great job that I like and an awesome wife and family) and felt much better after a nice brick.

  2. Working out is definitely the best outlet for me as well. Whether I'm running/biking/swimming, throwing weights around (I'm a girl but lift with the big boys), teaching a class, or even going to a yoga class and turning my mind off. No matter what, I am almost guaranteed to feel better afterward. Thank goodness my one addiction is a healthy one!

  3. I find that I have places that I can "escape" - usually being with my hubby, or sweating it out at the gym are those places. :)

    Hope that everything works out for you and you can get out of the struggle you're going through right now!

  4. A few minutes into a bike ride I usually forget what was bugging me so much before that. Playing music has the same effect (and by playing I mean an instrument, not an iPod).

  5. Mine is on my bike, just something about me and the road that clears my mind

  6. In a workout is my best stress relieving spot. If I'm really stressed, doing something quiet like reading, crafts, or taking a walk doesn't let my brain calm down; I have to be active. In a workout, my brain isn't able to focus as well and it eventually switches over what focus is DOES have to my present action. When I'm done, I'm high on drugs (endorphins!) and have a peace of mind.

    I agree on the blessing of being able to be healthy!!