Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Training Plan, or Lacking

I have been reflecting the past two days on my training. Sometimes with my training I tend to over think things. Frankly, I think I do this in most aspects of my life. There is something to be said for having a coach or trainer just tell you what to do in order to get ready for a race. I don't have that, I am the coach, trainer, athlete, and therapist all wrapped into one.

Last night after playing 3 hours of softball, yep a double header I read Deb's blog over at Deb Tris. Here blog post was simple, train according to your training plan OR CHANGE IT so that you can follow it. Makes total sense.

Here is my problem. I have found so many great training plans, but cant seem to figure out how to make them work with my schedule.

I do know that what I am doing is creating some major improvement. My 5K last weekend was proof that I am running faster. It just makes me think that what if I had a real training plan....how much further along or better would I be????

Any ideas?


  1. You definitely have to find what works for you and try to stick with it. I find if I don't have an actual written plan it's easier to change my plan if it's just in my head. I think you can definitely tweak a training plan that you find online or in a book or whatever to make it work for you. I use Smart Coach on Runner's world for running, and Triathlon for Dummies Training plan for my Tri training.

  2. Try some different plans then modify one to fit what volume you are comfortable with. You need to find the right balance of volume, injury avoidance, and staying motivated. You also need to rearrange the days of the plan to meet your schedule. Experiment until you find what works for you.

  3. I would go to beginner triathlete and see if they have anything that might work for you.

  4. I need a training plan, otherwise I am totally and completely lost. When I pick a plan, I try to find one that is appropriate to the distance I am going to race (or with a target race 6 months out with shorter races leading up) and that fits my available time. When I did IM Arizona I had to be a little creative with my training, but was able to find a plan that fit my time.

    It is important to remember though, when following a training plan, that it isn't the same as having a coach. You need to keep track of how you are feeling and be sure that you aren't overtraining. If you notice that during a training session that you are overly tired or that your heart rate is through the roof, you might need to take an extra rest day.

    You will find the right fit, unfortunately it might be by trial and error. Good luck!

  5. My tactic is to print out the 'month view' of my Outlook calendar and then write down what I intend to do for training each day, week and month (in pencil). You can also jot down any family/spouse/personal things that might influence the training schedule too.

    I have a stack of paper going back 3 years that shows the days I hit (check mark) and the days I missed (x'ed) my training.

    The great thing is that you become accountable to this schedule. If you need to change some mileage, then change it...but always make sure you do the training. At least once a week I would assess whether the coming week reflected where I needed to be based on how the previous week went.

    To each their own though...good luck!

  6. My favorite motto along that line is "You are capable of far more than you think you are, but to achieve it, you have to expect it."

    Your limits are only set by your mind.

    And yes, training plans are GREAT!

  7. Hey there! So I have to agree, training plans are awesome to have, but it is important to figure out how to mold it around your schedule. This week I couldn't fit my swim in the day I was supposed to, so I had to shuffle everything around. The training plan basically tells me what I need to get done in one week, I determine how I make it fit.

    I bought the tri training book by Matt Fitzgerald, and I love it cause it has training plans for all levels of athletes, for all levels of triathlons. I am mixing and matching to make the plan I want. And I use google calendar to organize it and move the workouts around.

    Anyway, good luck! You'll figure out what works best for you!!