Monday, May 2, 2011

Post Race Notes

As many of you know this weekend was my first race of the season. Although it was not a triathlon it was a race in which it would give me real time feedback on where I was at in my preparation for my first triathlon.

So, it was Sunday morning, Kendra and I headed out to the OC Fair Grounds for the Wahoo's 5K. It was an interesting morning....We had no kids in tow, thanks to my Mother-in-Law who had all three kids spend the night at her house. The freeway at that time in the morning was empty, which if you know Southern California this condition happens very rarely. When we arrived at the fairgrounds there was NO parking, which made me a little upset seeing that I had PAID for parking. Luckily I was at the right place at the right time and was able to park in the swap-meet parking area.

So here we were, ready to race.

Before the race even started I knew in my mind that I was in better shape for this run then the last 5K, but was still doubtful that I had made much progress in my training. Most of this is because I hate running and therefore most of my training has been swimming, biking or weight training. Problem right?

So the race started and I stuck with Kendra. She runs at a much slower pace than I do but I was staying with her for two reasons....1. She was not feeling well and I wanted to make sure she was ok, 2. I knew if I started slow I could push through the leg pain to a point that it would go away. Also knowing that the competitive side and the husband side of me would not let her pull away if my leg was hurting.

Well, I am happy to report my strategy worked. I was not only able to push through the leg pain but I also recorded a new PR in the 5K.