Friday, May 6, 2011

Who's Who

Who is racing this weekend?

The list this week is diverse, but not nearly as long as last week.  So, lets get right to it! Go check these guys out at their blogs and wish them luck as well as read about their journeys.


Uli over at Uli Bromme : Triathlon is going to be competing in the Ironman St. George.  Can you think of a more beautiful spot to compete.....besides Kona?


Misty over at Athena Diaries is at it once again, two marathons in one weekend!  How does this girl do it?  First she will be starting out at the Kalamazoo marathon and then moving on over to the Wisconsin marathon.


Our first cycle only event is this weekend with Rock Star Tri doing the Medo Fondo 71 miler in New York.

Well, that is it!  Did I miss you on the list?  If so, email me your race schedule already!

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