Thursday, April 7, 2011

66 Days

There are 66 days until my first triathlon. Yikes!

I have been in the pool doing my laps, both straight swims and some _x25's and _x50's. The next couple of swims I am going to bump up to _x75's and within two weeks be at _x100's. In addition I have been on the bike in spin classes. Last night was an intense class that really pushed me to the next level both physically and mentally. Now, I just need my bike fixed so I can get on the road......hope it is not going to cost me an arm and a leg.

The area I am lacking on is running. I hate running. Any suggestions on how I can push myself into running more often? Some ideas have been to do a short run or elliptical stint before weight training in the morning. That would get some running in and then save my longer runs for days where it is my only focus.

Suggestions welcome.......


  1. Do you have someone you can run with?? That ALWAYS makes me more motivated to run! and the time flies :-)

    ...or find a running group??

  2. I wish I had a suggestion, but I hate running too. Except when the weather is perfect, which is not very often. I like to just put some music on and try to enjoy the music and not focus on the actual running thing.