Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mini Tri

So last night I completed my little training plan that consisted of each sport. It went well and I am glad I did it, but here is the recap.


  • Was able to do all three sports

  • Felt amazing when I finished and felt very accomplished

  • Able to get in good training with great focus


  • Was starving when I woke up and felt very drained

  • The muscle along my shins cramped, again. I need this to stop so I can run longer distance!

  • Mountain bikes make a funny hum on pavement and don't very fast

  • Did not complete the full distance in my swim

All in all I am glad I did it if for no other reason i at least know where I stand for my triathlons in June. My main focus for each sport here on out.....

Swim - Finish the distance with no breaks

Bike - Need more saddle time. Just for comfort.

Run - Need my legs to stop cramping (any suggestions?)

Any experts or Ironman's out there have any suggests on moving forward?


  1. $30 for some non-knobby tires can create a much more comfortable (and faster) ride for you on pavement. If you switch between pavement and off-road then look at switching the tires as good practice for when you get a flat!

    Sounds like you got a bit dehydrated on the run and may need to put some attention on your post-workout regiment (recovery drink, stretching, foam roller, etc.). Congrats on completing the multi-sport workout!

  2. Cramping in your shins? Hmmm, that is a new one to me. Usually cramping is a result of dehydration, so start there. As for feeling drained when you woke up, that is all part of training. Ideally after you finished your swim workout last night you were able to get in a good recovery meal (or a nice big glass of chocolate milk!), that could definitely help you out.

    New tires on your bike will definitely make for a smoother and faster ride...I agree with Tri4 completely. A nice road tire will make a significant and noticable difference.

    Keep up with the solid training!

  3. For me the first signs of dehydration show up in my calves (soleus and gastrocnemius). This feels like the shins but it's really not.

    I'll echo miles99999, post-swim, bike or run always hydrate at a minimum (stretch if you have time). Swimming is deceiving because you don't think you sweat that much but you do.

    Congrats on the multi-sport workout. I'm sure there are many more to come!

  4. Foam roll, foam roll, foam roll... get one.