Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last weekend my bride and I were able to get away for an entire 56 kids, no work, no responsibility! So, naturally we went to Vegas.

Vegas was good to us this year, we were able to reconnect and blow off some steam but yet still relax. The food was amazing, but frankly ALL of the meals were bad choices. I finally figured out that the veggies at one of the restaurants must have been coated in butter because they tasted so good.

The scale this morning, completely reflects what I ate. it also reflects my lack of training for 5 days. The silver lining in the whole weekend is that we went to the gym.....thank you 24 hour fitness for actually being everywhere. It was only an hour workout and I only did weight training, but it felt great to be in the gym and know that I was making a good choice.

When you get away, do you still train?

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  1. I travel at least once a month and pack the run gear without fail. Can't let a dank hotel or weather impede the raining schedule!