Friday, April 1, 2011

Spin Class

This morning I took my first spin class! Well, it was not my first ever, but my first spin class in awhile. Loved it! 60 Minutes of an older woman laughing at us because we cant keep up with about motivation! I live on that kind of stuff. The thing I loved is that I was able to get in a ride for 50 minutes this morning, burn some calories and get my legs moving in the right direction. According to the instructor and a few things I have read online, a typical 50 minute class can cover 14 to 16 miles if you were to convert it to an actual ride on the road. Not bad, considering my triathlons will need to cover anywhere from 11-14 miles. I have read from a ton of triathlon blogs that bricks are great preparation for your actual triathlon race. However, I have recently seen a few people suggest that after EVER ride you should run. Since the transition for your body from ridding to running is the hardest, it will force you to get used to the feeling in your legs and back, giving you an edge in your preparation. Keep in mind, most people suggest only going for a 5 to 10 minute run after every ride, so not a true brick, but it is intended to train you mentally and physically about the demand your body will have during your transition. This is great advice! So, your asking your self now if I took this advice this morning........NOPE. I figured it was my first spin class and I wanted to make sure I could still walk later in the day. Plus, my bride and I have a big weekend getaway this weekend (without kids) which does require that my legs operate in a normal function! So there it is, first spin class down, many more to come. Does anyone else run for a few minutes after every ride?


  1. Good job for your spin class! I've acutally never done a spin class. Someday I'm going to do that.

    I've heard that too that you should run after every ride...I've not done it yet but I keep thinking I will.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This may sound crazy as a "lowly" Royals fan ... but I kinda like the Yankees. (Don't tell any of my friends)

  3. I've never heard that about running after every ride. It seems a bit much... too much breakdown in the muscles? In season, I do 2-3 bricks per week. One is a short transition run (10-15 minute run), one is a longer brick (20-40 minute run), and if I do a third it's a swim/run brick (my favorite!). Just by way of comparison, I am doing one or two sprints this year and one Olympic.

  4. Great job! Spin classes are great.
    I would stick more with Theia's approach. You don't need to over do the "bricks" or running off the bike. If you ride twice a week, do a 10-15 min transition run after one of them. It's harder to do after a spin class because you have to clean the bike, get your stuff, go somewhere else, etc., but still possible. A brick every week, or every other, depending on your plan, is also important.
    Last thought: transition runs can wait a week or 2 until you are firmly settled into training.